(6 weeks through 12 months)

Our infant program is specifically designed to nurture your child in a warm, loving environment. We understand that leaving your baby with someone else can be a very stressful situation.  We strive to work closely with you to meet your expectations to create the best possible environment for your baby while you are away.  Our cameras enable you to view every moment of your baby’s day and we promise to communicate with you about meal times, activities, nap times, and diaper changes.



We engage with our younger babies by reading books, singing songs, and provide various sensory experiences throughout their day. We talk to them during feedings and diaper changes. Tummy time is provided daily as it is a crucial part of muscular development.


Play with our babies can include:

  • Sitting up with or without assistance
  • Rolling a ball
  • Clapping
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Reading books
  • Singing songs
  • Using simple musical instruments


In addition, we also focus on teaching our older infants sign language. Sign language has been shown to help babies develop language and reasoning skills. It is also an effective way for parents and caregivers to communicate with their child before they have an extensive vocabulary. It is common for infants as young as 6 months old to be able to communicate when they are hungry or thirsty lessening the possibility of frustration for the child as well as the parent.